Company data - Stainless steel processing

In 1992, brothers Dr.-Ing. Peter Schiekel and Ing. Gert Schiekel founded their own company with 12 employees and 3 CNC machines.

This was quickly followed by targeted specialisation in highly precise mechanical processing of stainless steel and other construction materials that are difficult to machine. In this case, the focus wasn't placed on mass products, but rather on flexible small and medium scale production. This strategic direction was the foundation stone for enduring and continuous growth.

While 50 tons of stainless steel were processed during the 1990s , 500 tons are processed today. Over 100 employees and trainees currently work in a modern company building near Dresden, Germany, with a production area of 2,400 m² and an expansion capacity of up to 4,000 m².

Our customers come from all over Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Austria.

The components consisting of non-rusting stainless steels we deliver function reliably under extreme conditions. They stand up to aggressive media, mechanical stresses, and meet the highest standards under the most diverse conditions.

Areas of applications for SPS components

  • Chemical plants
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Measurement technology
  • Sensor technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Ultra cleanroom technology (chip industry), ultra-clean media
  • High vacuum and ultra-high vacuum
  • Aircraft and aerospace equipment
  • Offshore
  • Compressors
  • Food industry and beverage machine engineering
  • Energy industry (high-pressure gas plants)
  • Pipe systems
  • Medicine technology
  • Industrial buildings